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GT Tape Schwarz 12 Boxen x 20 StreifenStorm



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GT Tape Schwarz 12 Boxen x 20 Streifen

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GT Tape Schwarz 12 Boxen x 20 Streifen
GT Tape Schwarz 12 Boxen x 20 Streifen
GT Tape Schwarz 12 Boxen x 20 Streifen

Storm GT Tape

Storm is breaking through modern sports science with their innovative GT Tape. This unique tape provides stimulation to a variety of sensory nerves in the skin and surrounding tissues by amplifying touch sensitivity, increasing fine motor control, improving pain reduction, and heightening temperature and pressure sensitivity. This tape includes 2% germanium additive which oxygenates bloods resulting in increased recovery time by improving immune function. 2% tourmanium and 2% anion additives enhance blood circulation, cellular function, metabolism, and regeneration of tissues.

12 Packs x 20 Pre-Cut Strips

  • Available in 3 colors this is Black
  • Hair should be shaved or trimmed
  • Apply on clean, dry skin 30 minutes before activity. Rub tape to activate adhesive
  • Anchors should always be on skin and never end on top of tape
  • Stretching should be kept to a minimum and never on the anchors
  • Stabilization strips run the length of the area being taped
  • Decompression strips are usually perpendicular to the stabilization strip
  • Storm GT Tape can be worn up to five days and is water resistant
  • Store tape in a cool, dry place
  • Each pack contains 20 pre-cut strips