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Fitting Tape Driven Blue 1 RolleTurbo



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Fitting Tape Driven Blue 1 Rolle

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Turbo Driven To Bowl 1" Fitting Tape Blue Roll

Fitting Tape is a cloth tape specifically designed to modify release, ease grip tension and/or adjust hole size without making major changes to ball drilling. If you suffer from increased swelling while you bowl, Fitting Tape could be an ideal solution. No more fidgeting with taking pieces of tape in and out of your ball. Simply apply the tape to your fingers or thumb prior to bowling and remove as you swell.


  • Color: Blue
  • Each roll is 1" wide, approximately 14' in length and will yield 40-50 applications depending on use
  • Cotton fitting tape – Comparable to Purple (5) fitting tape
  • F125 – Semi-Smooth texture, loose weave
  • Offers slower release, medium thickness

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