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Abralon Schleifpad Set 3000 Grit bestehend aus 3 PadsMIRKA



3-5 Werktage

Abralon Schleifpad Set 3000 Grit bestehend aus 3 Pads
29,99 EUR
9,99 EUR pro Stück
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Abralon Sanding Pad 3000 Grit 3 pieces

Do you need to sand your ball down to a different finish? If so this could be the perfect sanding pad for you. This is a 3,000 Grit sanding pad Set. It can be used wet, or dry. It works great with Powerhouse Ball Resurface Kit. This sanding pad will last 5 times longer than sand paper.

  • For deepest scratches
  • Cosmetically appealing, consistent scratch pattern provides excellent traction
  • Combines the benefits of abrasive cloth and non-woven products
  • Opening in the fabric allows water to flow freely around the abrasive
  • Resists "caking"
  • Foam center holds large amounts of water for lubrication and cooling
  • Solid surface and foam backing provide even surface pressure
  • Last 5+ times longer than sandpaper
  • Use wet or dry (residual material can be removed by high pressure air)
  • Works great on our Powerhouse Ball Resurfacer